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While all the other children were out playing in the sunshine I was... ok, I was out playing in the sunshine too. That's why it was so shocking to discover that for someone who was vibrant and active on the outside, inside my heart was sensitive and fragile. But that's not what we're talking about here. However, if you want to see all those sensitive singer songwriter songs that I have written go to the Songs page which is somewhere on that menu on the left.
Anyway, this whole site is under rediesign. I have a cadre of West Village Interior Designers wandering around the dsite taking measurements and testing color swatches. So if you looking for something funny to read and you come across a group of guys that look like a casting call for the remake of "Queer Eye", don't be frightened, it's just the LIttledog.com makeover team hard at work.
ok, get to it!
Park Borchert
Park Borchert